Saturday, February 6, 2010

A little tip....

: You take your pictures to get PRINTED, and they come out the TOTALLY wrong color...something that's completely different on your computer. Sound familiar?!! That's because your computer LOSES COLOR over time. So say you edit your picture and it has perfect skin tones, color, etc... then you print it and it looks terrible, you NEED to calibrate your computer!! So, you can trust me that on MY COMPUTER the color is perfect! I calibrate it often so you get a perfect print. Your computer will most likely have incorrect color, you should calibrate it atleast every month, so you can imagine what it would look like after a year or so. It makes me sad to think that so many photographers don't know this...It's SO IMPORTANT for a perfect print. I about died when I looked at my blog on bens computer, the color looked terrible, he hasn't calibrated his for years, so all of the colors looked so blueish/grayish...yuck! totally off. Anyways, there is my tip to you... If you have any questions on how to calibrate, email me at I would be happy to help :) 
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