Thursday, March 11, 2010


Here is my adorable friend elise. Elise loves her home (california), the beach, and photography. She is such a fun girl and I really wanted to capture her cute personality. I really love these images because they are so her! Hope you like them elise :)
.miami 6 copy
miami 4miami 13
miami 9copymiami 8copy
miami 5 copylife 2010_28
life 2010_10life 2010_35

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  1. amanda I LOVE THESE! they are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! haha! i never have any good pictures of me so now i do. thanks love!

  2. These pictures are reallly cute Amanda! I love all of them (I mean, not only of Elise, but of all of your friends and of Miami). Your portraits are just beautiful!