Saturday, April 3, 2010

As Promised...

Here are some more images from this shoot!
In brief, let me explain my series.
Because I am a dance minor, and photography major I wanted to combine the two.
There are 7 different dance forms found in the scriptures and I wanted to represent a few of them. Dancing in most cultures has some type of religious purpose behind it, and my hopes are to be able to portray that. I also wanted to be able to capture the people who dance these various dances as well, after all, i love portraiture!
This is Sam. He is rad. He made me feel like I was hilarious...thank you sam! 
Sam has grown up doing the Haka dance. The Haka is performed for many different reasons. It can be performed for amusement, a welcome to guests, or to acknowledge achievements or occasions. Another very common haka dance is the war haka which was performed by warriors before battle showing strength and prowness to intimidate opposition. Today it is usually used as an official welcome. It is also known to be a celebration of the triumph of life over death. 
Here is smiley sam, what a nice guy. 
sam 9
sam 11
sam 2sam 12
sam 14sam 15
sam 10
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