Sunday, September 12, 2010


Over the summer my husband and I lived in D.C.
He worked for Senator Hatch
And I got to nanny this beautiful little one
I loved every second of it
And I still find myself missing her like crazy

Before we left I snapped a few pictures of her in front of her home
It was such a riot
I love her little personality

sabine 24
sabine 21
sabine 17sabine 16
sabine 19
sabine 11
sabine 13sabine 12
sabine 15
sabine 8sabine 7
sabine 18

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  1. That's precious. Okay, I just had this crazy memory of us dressing up in some of your "fancy" dresses and having Jake take pictures of us with a disposable camera! I wish I still had those pictures!! I am missing you right now! Love you tonz!