Sunday, October 10, 2010

Courtney and Justin...

What a perfect pair
Could not be happier for my beautiful friend.
We were trying to get the 'farm feel' for justin considering his family owns one in Logan.
At one point we were out in this gorgeous field with these horses...
Justin surprised us with some kind of 'horse whispering' skills and called them over to us...
They were running around and around us.
It was unreal
and beautiful.
A photo shoot to remember :)
Thanks guys
I can't wait for the wedding!

This photo is when he was actually calling them over...I love the way courtney looked at him.
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  1. I NEED this horsey picture. k. love it.

  2. How beautiful is our friend Courtney! I couldn't be more happy for her and Justin!! And Amanda.. you are amazing girl! Love you!