Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Last weekend I was in St. George
My grandparents, whom I dearly, dearly loved, had a second home down there. 
It was a get a way for them, and a place where they could go to escape the realities of cancer.
They loved St. George.
As I walked into their home I was overwhelmed by the reality of their passing.
Everything had been left untouched, as if they were both there yesterday.
My grandpas shoes neatly placed in rows, 
my grandmas folded laundry,
their Book of Mormon.
It was hard.
I took a few pictures in hope to capture what had been left by them only a few months ago.
I want to always remember the lives they lived, and the legacy they left.
Unfortunately I only had about 5 minutes to run in and run out.
I wish I could have stayed there for hours, alone, and document everything.
But I did get a couple of pictures that I will cherish forever.
(I did add texture for an assignment, and I ended up loving the way it added to the emotion of the photographs).

Grandpas BOM Texture
Grandpas Boots Texture-4
Grandpas Golf Shoes Texture

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  1. oh mand.. those little details are going to be so nice to have on film. they say so much about your grandparents without having to say alot :)

  2. I'm sorry about your grandparents' passing. The pictures are wonderful - what a great way to preserve their memory.