Monday, October 18, 2010


I have been working on a few photojournalism projects lately.
I'm not sure why I never post any of my photojournalism work, maybe because this is more of a portrait based blog...however, I do LOVE photojournalism.
I love how free I feel while I'm shooting, nothing is posed or fake, but real, sincere moments.
No edits or post production work...what you shoot is what you get.
The other day I did a little photo essay on my friend Maddie.
Maddie is a senior on Brigham Young University's Gymnastic team.
I have always admired the way gymnasts have so much dedication and drive.
Here is a little glimpse into her life.
She rocks.

Maddie Gymnastics-18
Maddie Gymnastics-7
Maddie Gymnastics-24

Maddie Gymnastics-23Maddie Gymnastics-21
Maddie Gymnastics-22
Maddie Gymnastics-8
Maddie Gymnastics-9
Maddie Gymnastics-11Maddie Gymnastics-12
Maddie Gymnastics-14
Maddie Gymnastics-17
Maddie Gymnastics-19
Maddie Gymnastics-6
Maddie Gymnastics-4Maddie Gymnastics-5
Maddie Gymnastics-3Maddie Gymnastics-2
Maddie Gymnastics-25Maddie Gymnastics
Maddie Gymnastics-26

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