Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day...

The other day I had the privilege of photographing a soldier coming home to his wife and three beautiful children.
He had been away for 5 months and left his little baby when she was only 1 month old.

I can't even imagine, and have a whole new respect for not only soldiers, but their families as well
It was such a beautiful reunion.

It was an experience I will never forget.
And I will forever be grateful they invited me to be a part of it.
Welcome home
God Bless America

(He wasn't in uniform because he flew in to California first and was released)

Soldier Coming Home!-6
Soldier Coming Home!-34Soldier Coming Home!-13Soldier Coming Home!-40
Soldier Coming Home!-42Soldier Coming Home!-43
Soldier Coming Home!-46Soldier Coming Home!-48
Soldier Coming Home!-51
Soldier Coming Home!-52Soldier Coming Home!-53Soldier Coming Home!-54
Soldier Coming Home!-65Soldier Coming Home!-56Soldier Coming Home!-66
Soldier Coming Home!-64
Soldier Coming Home!-69

Soldier Coming Home!-77Soldier Coming Home!-78
Soldier Coming Home!-80Soldier Coming Home!-90Soldier Coming Home!-118
Soldier Coming Home!-100
Soldier Coming Home!-94Soldier Coming Home!-99
Soldier Coming Home!-101Soldier Coming Home!-104Soldier Coming Home!-102
Soldier Coming Home!-107
Soldier Coming Home!-119Soldier Coming Home!-116Soldier Coming Home!-113
Soldier Coming Home!-112
Soldier Coming Home!-121
Soldier Coming Home!-126Soldier Coming Home!-124Soldier Coming Home!-125
Soldier Coming Home!-131
Soldier Coming Home!-134Soldier Coming Home!-137Soldier Coming Home!-133

Soldier Coming Home!-165Soldier Coming Home!-166

Soldier Coming Home!-148Soldier Coming Home!-151Soldier Coming Home!-155
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  1. Love it! Brought tears to my eyes! Love you Evensens- so glad you're home Jim! Beautiful pictures!

  2. Oh man is it weird I just cried? I can't imagine you being able to hold back those tears.

  3. I have never seen Amy happier. Beautiful!!! So glad Jim is home safe and sound!

  4. so great mand. happy 100th post too! did you know your email is hacked? i got some of those dumb links coming from one of your emails. i'll text you later to make sure you find out!