Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kelli and Dan...

Why I love photography number 103...
Getting to see my cute friends and their families!
It's so fun to see their little ones and get to know their personalities.
There is always something that is unique to each kid I photograph.
Coles was his way of saying hi.
When he waves he uses his whole entire arm in three distinct motions.
So proud of that wave. I love it.

dan and kel-15
dan and kel 2-3dan and kel 2-6
dan and kel 2-5dan and kel 2-4
dan and kel-22
dan and kel-17dan and kel-21
dan and kel 2-7
dan and kel-19
dan and kel-23
dan and kel-8
dan and kel-9dan and kel 2-2
dan and kel 2
dan and kel-7dan and kel-3
dan and kel
dan and kel-5

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