Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beau and Melanie, Utah Wedding

Remember these guys?
Absolutely love this couple.
Beau is a musician and Melanie is a costume designer.
They were so creative and fun to work with.
The reception was based around a record theme and it was a HUGE success.
Their guests were loving the fun tunes from the couples favorite records and yummy crepes and hot chocolate bar.
Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day guys!

Melanie Wedding-9
Melanie Wedding-10 Melanie Wedding-15
Melanie Wedding-11
Melanie Wedding-17
Melanie Wedding-19 Melanie Wedding-20
Melanie Wedding-25

Melanie Wedding-29
Melanie Wedding-6
Melanie Wedding-2

Melanie Wedding-43 Melanie Wedding-41
Melanie Wedding-30 Melanie Wedding-31
Melanie Wedding-33 Melanie Wedding-40
Melanie Wedding-36 Melanie Wedding-37
Melanie Wedding-39 Melanie Wedding-38
Melanie Wedding-44
Melanie Wedding-52 Melanie Wedding-60
Melanie Wedding-51 Melanie Wedding-53
Melanie Wedding-49 Melanie Wedding-50
Melanie Wedding-47
Melanie Wedding-61 Melanie Wedding-62
Melanie Wedding-57 Melanie Wedding-59
Melanie Wedding-55 Melanie Wedding-54
Melanie Wedding-63 Melanie Wedding-64
Melanie Wedding-65
Melanie Wedding-66 Melanie Wedding-67

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  1. amazing centerpieces, amazing dress. great detail photos mand!

  2. What an awesome event! You captured it beautifully!!