Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lindsey + Jake Wedding, Bountiful Utah

This wedding was a party!
Lindsey and Jake wanted to have a carnival themed reception.
They had a fishing pond, ice cream bar, photobooth, gifts, dancing, etc...
They also had this adorable idea of guests signing christmas ornaments rather than a guest book with pictures of them in it and putting them on a Christmas tree.
It was a riot!
I think my favorite part was the dance party at the end!
They know how to groove, I'm telling ya.
Thanks for letting me be a part of your party Bartholomews!

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bartholomew wedding-4bartholomew wedding-3
bartholomew wedding-14
bartholomew wedding-13
bartholomew wedding-16
bartholomew wedding-17
bartholomew wedding-21
bartholomew wedding-22bartholomew wedding-19
bartholomew wedding-12
bartholomew wedding-8bartholomew wedding-7

bartholomew wedding-23
bartholomew wedding-6bartholomew wedding-9
bartholomew wedding-31
bartholomew wedding-28bartholomew wedding-26
bartholomew wedding-29bartholomew wedding-25
bartholomew wedding-24
bartholomew wedding-32
bartholomew wedding-33
bartholomew wedding-47bartholomew wedding-38
bartholomew wedding-41bartholomew wedding-42
bartholomew wedding-48bartholomew wedding-46
bartholomew wedding-43bartholomew wedding-39
bartholomew wedding-49
bartholomew wedding-37bartholomew wedding-36
bartholomew wedding-34bartholomew wedding-35

bartholomew wedding-44bartholomew wedding-45
bartholomew wedding-52bartholomew wedding-53
bartholomew wedding-55
bartholomew wedding-57bartholomew wedding-58
bartholomew wedding-62bartholomew wedding-63
bartholomew wedding-61bartholomew wedding-64
bartholomew wedding-65bartholomew wedding-67

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