Monday, January 3, 2011

Tolman Wedding, Logan Utah

I love December weddings!
It was so fun to photograph during christmas time.
My favorite part was when Justin surprised Courtney with a 'sleigh ride' at the end.
These HUGE horses came all decked out in red christmas bows and bells to pick them up on a sleigh.
So adorable.
Congrats you guys!!

Court wedding-2
Court wedding-11Court wedding-18
Court wedding-12
Court wedding-4Court wedding-3
Court wedding-6Court wedding
Court wedding-16Court wedding-17
Court wedding-14
Court wedding-19
Court wedding-10
Court wedding-9Court wedding-8
Court wedding-20Court wedding-21
Court wedding-22
Court wedding-27Court wedding-28
Court wedding-23Court wedding-24
Court wedding-46
Court wedding-32
Court wedding-29
Court wedding-42Court wedding-43
Court wedding-36Court wedding-38
Court wedding-34Court wedding-33
Court wedding-44

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1 comment:

  1. beautiful pictures and wedding! it reminds me of mine on a cold january day. i love the accents of red for christmas. gorgeous!