Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Los Angeles, Judy + Moses, Wedding Photographer

So, like I had mentioned, I was Cantina Lights candid photographer last Saturday (pretty obvious considering they are pretty much all candid shots), and man was it fun!
I found myself being inspired in so many different ways.
It was my first Latin Wedding, and hopefully not my last.
They know how to party... I mean, seriously party.
They had their reception at an Armenian reception center. I have never, EVER, seen so much food at a reception.
And then the dancing...
It took everything in me to contain my composure, act professional, and not join in the dance party.
And the mariachi band?! How adorable is that.
All around, great wedding.
(oh ya, and in case you are worried about it POURING rain on your wedding day...I got ya covered. The last 6 out of 7 weddings I have done it has either snowed or rained. I consider myself a pro with unkind weather these days. Especially this one. Down pour. But it was still lovely. See, maybe rain on your wedding day IS good luck after all :)

LA Wedding-6 LA Wedding-7
LA Wedding-9 LA Wedding-5
LA Wedding-11 LA Wedding-10
LA Wedding-8
LA Wedding-3
LA Wedding-13 LA Wedding-14
LA Wedding-12 LA Wedding-16
LA Wedding-19
LA Wedding-21 LA Wedding-20
LA Wedding-22

LA Wedding-25 LA Wedding-38
LA Wedding-29 LA Wedding-40
LA Wedding-28
LA Wedding-36 LA Wedding-35
LA Wedding-32 LA Wedding-33
LA Wedding-34 LA Wedding-37
LA Wedding-44 LA Wedding-43
LA Wedding-45 LA Wedding-41
LA Wedding-42
LA Wedding-49 LA Wedding-46
LA Wedding-48 LA Wedding-47
LA Wedding-31 LA Wedding-30
LA Wedding-54
LA Wedding-55
LA Wedding-53
LA Wedding-17
LA Wedding-56
LA Wedding-61
LA Wedding-65 LA Wedding-63

LA Wedding-67 LA Wedding-68
LA Wedding-73
LA Wedding-74 LA Wedding-70
LA Wedding-79 LA Wedding-77
LA Wedding-81 LA Wedding-80
LA Wedding-84 LA Wedding-82
LA Wedding-85 LA Wedding-89
LA Wedding-92 LA Wedding-93
LA Wedding-94 LA Wedding-95
LA Wedding-98
LA Wedding-97 LA Wedding-99
LA Wedding-102 LA Wedding-101
LA Wedding-103 LA Wedding-104
LA Wedding-107
LA Wedding-108 LA Wedding-110
LA Wedding-111 LA Wedding-112
LA Wedding-114 LA Wedding-116
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  1. was this your first gig in cali!? it's such a breath of fresh air from all the cozy, snowy utah weddings. the bride looks like a latina kourntey kardashian haha- loved the rosey shoulder on her dress! i loved the shots in the church too, so pretty!

  2. Looks like a great event! They were lucky to get you.

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