Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Maternity Shoot, Orange County Photographer...

What a sweet family.
I love always walking away from photo shoots feeling like I've known my clients for a lifetime when we were complete strangers only an hour before.
This family was no exception.

Sarai Maternity-blog-18
Sarai Maternity-blog-15 Sarai Maternity-blog-16
Sarai Maternity-blog-19
Sarai Maternity-blog-20
Sarai Maternity-blog
Sarai Maternity-blog-9 Sarai Maternity-blog-10
Sarai Maternity-blog-14 Sarai Maternity-blog-13
Sarai Maternity-blog-3 Sarai Maternity-blog-5
Sarai Maternity-blog-6
Sarai Maternity-blog-12
Sarai Maternity-blog-23

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  1. Beautiful. I love your work! Someday I would like you to do mine. :) I referred a friend that is getting married this summer to you, her name is Chantel. It would be july or august. Anyway you're awesome,keep it up Amanda!

  2. Britanna-
    Thank you!! I hook up my clients that give me referals for weddings! Let me know if she ends up booking and we'll talk!