Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dana Point Wedding...

Another beautiful wedding!!
Dana point was so much fun to shoot at since it was so close to home!
And the bridal prep at the Dana point was quite the party ladies!!
We had a lot of fun :)

michelle wedding-2-2 michelle wedding-61
michelle wedding-7
michelle wedding-11 michelle wedding-9
michelle wedding-3 michelle wedding-10
michelle wedding-2

michelle wedding-16
michelle wedding-27 michelle wedding-26
michelle wedding-29 michelle wedding-30 michelle wedding-28
michelle wedding-46 michelle wedding-47
michelle wedding-45
michelle wedding-51
michelle wedding-42 michelle wedding-41
michelle wedding-43
michelle wedding-50
michelle wedding-38 michelle wedding-40
michelle wedding-52
michelle wedding-35

michelle wedding-31 michelle wedding-55
michelle wedding-14 michelle wedding-12
michelle wedding-33
michelle wedding-57
michelle wedding-5-2 michelle wedding-32
michelle wedding-17
michelle wedding-56 michelle wedding-22
michelle wedding-20 michelle wedding-21
michelle wedding-7-2
michelle wedding-60 michelle wedding-58
michelle wedding-59
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