Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Katrina and Tanner, Utah Engagements...

How fun are these two?!
Okay, maybe I am a little bit biased...
Katrina is a good friend from college and Tanner is actually my brothers good friend (small world)...
But really, how adorable are they?!
Oh, and did I mention how much I love spring photo shoots?
Get ready for the photo overload...
It was impossible to pick favorites.

Katrina Engagements-33
Katrina Engagements-34 Katrina Engagements-35
Katrina Engagements-40
Katrina Engagements-38
Katrina Engagements-27 Katrina Engagements-28
Katrina Engagements-16 Katrina Engagements-18
Katrina Engagements-10
Katrina Engagements-15

Katrina Engagements-14
Katrina Engagements-4 Katrina Engagements-5
Katrina Engagements-7 Katrina Engagements-17
Katrina Engagements-21 Katrina Engagements-20 Katrina Engagements-23
Katrina Engagements-45 Katrina Engagements-47
Katrina Engagements-44 Katrina Engagements-43
Katrina Engagements-50 Katrina Engagements-48
Katrina Engagements-52
Katrina Engagements-54
Katrina Engagements-56 Katrina Engagements-58
Katrina Engagements-55
Katrina Engagements-59 Katrina Engagements-63
Katrina Engagements-62
Katrina Engagements-61
Katrina Engagements-66 Katrina Engagements-65 Katrina Engagements-64
Katrina Engagements-71
Katrina Engagements-70 Katrina Engagements-69 Katrina Engagements-68
Katrina Engagements-72
Katrina Engagements-2 Katrina Engagements-3
Katrina Engagements

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  1. Thanks Missy! It's actually in Orem at my brides aunt and uncles home and their old farm house!

  2. Woot! My sister and future brother are aTTRACtive!! And these are beautiful. Can't wait to have you take my pictures on Monday!

  3. Amanda, these pictures are beautiful!

  4. Totally cute! Great photography!!!