Thursday, June 16, 2011

Katrina Bridals, Utah...

Remember this lovely lady?
Just stunning as always.
I am counting down the days until their wedding.
Absolutely gorgeous.

Katrina Photographers Choice-21
Katrina Photographers Choice-19 Katrina Bridals-286
Katrina Bridals-343
Katrina Bridals 126
Katrina Bridals-97
Katrina Bridals 29
Katrina Bridals 59 Katrina Bridals 14
Katrina Photographers Choice-2
Katrina Bridals-165
Katrina Bridals-443
Katrina Bridals-476 Katrina Bridals-474
Katrina Bridals-469 Katrina Photographers Choice-39
Katrina Photographers Choice-36
Katrina Photographers Choice-33 Katrina Photographers Choice-32
Katrina Photographers Choice-35
Katrina Photographers Choice-28
Katrina Photographers Choice-26
Katrina Bridals-402 Katrina Bridals-407
Katrina Bridals-372
Katrina Photographers Choice-44 Katrina Photographers Choice-42
Katrina Bridals-521
Katrina Bridals-526
Katrina Bridals-532

a big thank you to Katrina's Dad for helping.
This was the first time I ever had a Dad come help with his daughters bridal session.
It was so sweet.
As a matter of fact, I think I want Dads to come to every bridal session...
I loved it.
It takes a good dad to figure out the bustle better than I could.

Katrina Photographers Choice-11 Katrina Bridals-537 Katrina Bridals dad

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  1. My niece! She's gorgeous! She's sweet! These photos capture her perfectly. Look forward to more :)

  2. I've been looking through your blog, your stuff is really great! May I ask where you did this particular photo shoot? you can email me at sarahhatchphotography @ gmail dot com