Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Miss Jenna Welling, Senior Portraits...

Okay, okay, I am TOTALLY going to brag about my beautiful cousin here.
She is pretty awesome.
Clearly she has the beauty thing going for her but she is as sweet and kind as they come.
It's true. People like her are hard to come by these days...
Love you pretty girl.

Jenna Blog-16
Jenna Blog-26
Jenna Blog-2
Jenna Blog-48 Jenna Blog-50

Jenna Blog-38
Jenna Blog-37
Jenna Blog-20
Jenna Blog-22
Jenna Blog-24
Jenna Blog-25
Jenna Blog-28
Jenna Blog-35
Jenna Blog-31
Jenna Blog-32 Jenna Blog-30
Jenna Blog-46 Jenna Blog-43
Jenna Blog-5
Jenna Blog
Jenna Blog-14
Jenna Blog-41 Jenna Blog-40
Jenna Blog-7
Jenna Blog-9
Jenna Blog-19
Jenna Blog-3
Jenna Blog-29
Black and Whites-4
Black and Whites
Jenna Blog-52
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1 comment:

  1. Manda, You did a great job with her pictures. I couldn't agree more...your cousin is so beautiful and so sweet.