Thursday, August 25, 2011

So Cute...

Ben came along to help me with one of my photo shoots this past week.
On the way home he said, "I want one"...
uh...a what?
A Callie.
We ADORE her!

She is in my primary class and I have stories upon stories I could tell you about this cutie.
I couldn't help but hurry and throw a couple images up while I'm uploading my shoots from this week.
The rest will probably come in a couple weeks from now with her equally adorable family.
But I just HAD to post a couple {there are so should have seen her posing for me! DYING of laughter...she was totally working it}
I think if I were four we might be best friends.


Cali-5 Cali-6
Cali-12 Cali-10
Cali-3 Cali-2

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