Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lisa Fly, Bridals, San Diego....

Lisa is beautiful.
It was a BLAST being able to photograph her.
I really am dying to show you her wedding!!
Every detail was over the moon perfect.
So for now a little teaser and her bridals.
Not only is she absolutely stunning but so. much. fun!!

Lisa and Chase Edits-64
Lisa and Chase Edits-12

Lisa and Chase Edits
Lisa and Chase Edits-3  Lisa and Chase Edits-4
Lisa and Chase Edits-10
Lisa and Chase Edits-14
Lisa and Chase Edits-15
Lisa and Chase Edits-20
Lisa and Chase Edits-19  Lisa and Chase Edits-18
Lisa and Chase Edits-17
Lisa and Chase Edits-16
Lisa and Chase Edits-23  Lisa and Chase Edits-24
Lisa and Chase Edits-22
Lisa and Chase Edits-26
Lisa and Chase Edits-25
Lisa and Chase Edits-28
Lisa and Chase Edits-29
Lisa and Chase Edits-31  Lisa and Chase Edits-30
Lisa and Chase Edits-39
Lisa and Chase Edits-38
Lisa and Chase Edits-42
Lisa and Chase Edits-34
Lisa and Chase Edits-37
Lisa and Chase Edits-41

Lisa and Chase Edits-205
Lisa and Chase Edits-43
Lisa and Chase Edits-21
Lisa and Chase Edits-47
Lisa and Chase Edits-48
Lisa and Chase Edits-46

I do love these pictures.
And I did have EXTRA help
So I can't give myself the credit :)
See here
{three hands that look the same???}

Lisa and Chase Edits-7

How fun would it be to be a triplet sister??
They are all equally adorable.
Love these girls!!

Lisa and Chase Edits-52
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  1. YAYYYY i LOVE them thank you so much amanda you did so great :) these all make me happy!! great photographer!!

  2. AH i love this amanda! you are the sweetest ever for letting lissy model all my hairpieces haha. she looks GORGEOUS and you did an AMAZING job capturing her as a bride! we had a blast helping :) miss you! THESE PICTURES ARE AMAZING!

  3. Lisa is a beautiful bride and you captured so many gorgeous shots!! You have such talent :) And all of her different head pieces...fabulous :)

  4. i think these are my favorite yet! i love her simplicity-style. the hair accessories were so fun- the pic thats taken far away is stunning! me and eli were like whoa! i wish i had a smidge of your talent !

  5. YESSSSS my hottie patottie sissy! thanks for the shout out at the end heehee. you are amazing at what you do and these turned out FABULOUS! that first photo is breath taking. looooove it all. xoxo!

  6. Gorgeous pictures! I'm a friend of a friend of the triplets. You are such an amazing photographer! I'm just getting into photography, and I hope you don't mind me asking, but what lens did you use for the bridals? I've got a 5D mark ii and a few lenses but that just looks gorgeous! Maybe you could drop me an email at

    Thank you! And keep up the amazing work!!


  7. I am a Triplet as well. Its a way awesome experince