Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mykonos, Greece...

Everything you ever imagine the greek isles being.
Is true.
Everyone has their place they dream of going.
Mine was the Greek Isles...and let me tell you, it exceeded all expectations.
It was perfection...clean, white, and warm.
Mama Mia...right?? We totally listened to my pierce brosnan soundtrack and danced our Abba hearts out.
Such a dream.

Greece 2011-2  Greece 2011-3
Greece 2011-6  Greece 2011-5
Greece 2011  Greece 2011-4
Greece 2011 Mykonos  Greece 2011 Mykonos 5 star-2
Greece 2011 Mykonos 3 star  Greece 2011 Mykonos 3 star-3
Greece 2011 Mykonos 3 star-4  Greece 2011 Mykonos 3 star-2
Greece 2011 Mykonos 1-4  Greece 2011 Mykonos 1-2
Greece 2011 Mykonos 1-5  Greece 2011 Mykonos 1-3
Greece 2011 Mykonos 1

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  1. Oh! I have to get there!!!! Love.

  2. Gorgeous!!!! It is at the top of my list of places to see before I die. Thanks for the pics!

  3. these are gorgeous, girlie! love it all! you are so great at what you do! seriously

  4. Mind aesthetically.
    Great collection of Photographer.... Keep going

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