Saturday, December 17, 2011

Drew, Elise, and Lady...

It's always so fun to be able to photograph friends! 
Especially when your friend is a fellow photog...So easy and natural! Pretty sure this whole session went down in no more than 30 minutes. And some how they looked good in every picture. Easy for me right?
 PS- How cute is that pup of theirs with the little yellow bow?! Thinking that one of those is on my christmas wishlist this year {wink wink}.
Thanks Capeners. 

Drew and Elise-25
Drew and Elise-21  Drew and Elise-20
Drew and Elise-22  Drew and Elise-23
Drew and Elise-27
Drew and Elise-26

 Drew and Elise-5
Drew and Elise-2  Drew and Elise-3
Drew and Elise-9  Drew and Elise-8
Drew and Elise-11
Drew and Elise-14  Drew and Elise-13
b-w 6
b-w 5  b-w 4
b-w 3  b-w 2
Drew and Elise-32
Drew and Elise-33  Drew and Elise-31
Drew and Elise-30

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  1. AH! I love every single one of them, and the first one was our Christmas Card!!! Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again, you are the BEST!

  2. i love love love that you took their pictures. their christmas card was perfect because of you! great job and hopefully next year you can take ours!