Wednesday, January 25, 2012

4 Weddings Today...

Sadly, I didn't get around to posting so many fun things from 2011!
As I was doing some organizing I couldn't help but smile as I realized how lucky I am to be able to have been a part of so many different weddings last year. 2011 was an amazing year for me. I was able to travel all over the west coast photographing precious moments that are now captured forever. I love my job. I don't know if there is another job that I can think of that you are able to be a part of so many different 'highs' in peoples lives. My clients rock. I feel like I've been able to work with the best people in the world. Serious. 

So before letting go of 2011 
I have to post a few more weddings.
Here is a little glimpse...

After this...
Seattle, WA wedding from November
and a Sacramento, CA wedding from December

And then...
It's going to be a good year.

Jana and Cole.
They were awesome, hilarious (can you tell?!), and a party!!
Not every bride gets on the chairs and tables and dances the night away. True Story.
And how contagious is Jana's smile?

Weddings 2011_-3
Weddings 2011_-13  Weddings 2011_-16
Weddings 2011_-4
Weddings 2011_-5
Weddings 2011_-7
Weddings 2011_-6
Weddings 2011_-9  Weddings 2011_-10

Weddings 2011_-15
Weddings 2011_-17  Weddings 2011_-11
Weddings 2011_-14
Weddings 2011_-18
Weddings 2011_-20
Weddings 2011_-19

Weddings 2011_-23
Weddings 2011_-24

Carmella and Randy
Looking through these pictures STILL get me.
After almost 6 months I can feel this families love.
Their love for one another, the love the kids have for their parents, and the love the parents have for those three CUTE boys.
These 5 people are so deserving. Loved them!
They are the kind of couple that send you chocolates and fruit baskets in the mail as a thank you. How nice are they?!

Weddings 2011 2-2  Weddings 2011 2
Weddings 2011 2-3  Weddings 2011 2-4
Weddings 2011 2-5
Weddings 2011 2-6
Weddings 2011 2-11
Weddings 2011 2-9
Weddings 2011 2-12  Weddings 2011 2-10
Weddings 2011 2-8
Weddings 2011 2-13
Weddings 2011 2-19  Weddings 2011 2-16

Weddings 2011 2-18
Weddings 2011 2-23  Weddings 2011 2-15
Weddings 2011 2-20  Weddings 2011 2-22
Weddings 2011 2-21
Weddings 2011 2-14

Kristen and Jeff
Maybe I went crazy when I saw the succulents at this wedding!
How awesome are the details? I love when a couple can be unique and fun.
How fun to get married at the Long Beach Yacht Club?!
These two were probably the most laid back couple I've ever worked with. So nice and easy going.

Kristen Nicolas Wedding-467
Kristen Nicolas Wedding-431

Weddings 2011_-12-2
Kristen Nicolas Wedding-295  Weddings 2011_-6-2
Weddings 2011_-14-2  Weddings 2011_-13-2
Weddings 2011_-15-2
Weddings 2011_-23-2
Weddings 2011_-35
Kristen Nicolas Wedding-437
Weddings 2011_-11-2
Weddings 2011_-7-2
Weddings 2011_-10-2  Weddings 2011_-16-2
Weddings 2011_-18-2  Weddings 2011_-17-2
Weddings 2011_-4-2  Weddings 2011_-2-2
Weddings 2011_-5-2  Weddings 2011_-8-2
Weddings 2011_-27  Weddings 2011_-24-2
Weddings 2011_-26
Weddings 2011_-33
Weddings 2011_-32  Weddings 2011_-31
Weddings 2011_-29
Weddings 2011_-30

Becky and John
This was the sweetest, quaint, wedding in the foothills of San Diego.
Becky and John wanted something really personal and small so they went to this tiny, old, mission in pala valley. It was incredible. I loved this small old mission. It was such a simple, perfect, ceremony  with all of their close family and friends. And I've decided everyone needs a mariachi band playing while you're walking down the aisle! How fun.
PS- how happy would you be if you looked like Becky when you were a grandma?!

Weddings 2011
Weddings 2011-2
Weddings 2011-3
Weddings 2011-4  Weddings 2011-3-2
Weddings 2011-6  Weddings 2011-5
Weddings 2011-2-3
A few more-2
A few more  A few more-3
Weddings 2011-7
Weddings 2011-2-4
Weddings 2011-8
Weddings 2011-9  Weddings 2011-5-2
Weddings 2011-3-3
Weddings 2011-4-2
Weddings 2011-2-6  Weddings 2011-12
Weddings 2011-3-5
Weddings 2011-11
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