Saturday, February 25, 2012

Megan and Wes, Engagements...

Wes was so not sure about this whole photography idea when we started...
But I think I broke him in...I even saw one of my pictures as his facebook profile (wink) (maybe the football sweatshirts helped...?!)  Either way...this couple is pretty dang cute. Bridals next...and then Wedding! yeahhh! Party on. 

Edit 2
 Megan and Wes Edits
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Edit 1
Megan and Wes Edits-7  Megan and Wes Edits-6
Megan and Wes Edits-17
Megan and Wes Edits-16  Megan and Wes Edits-14

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Megan and Wes Edits-19
Megan and Wes Edits-24  Megan and Wes Edits-25

Megan and Wes Edits-36  Megan and Wes Edits-35
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