Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cierra Belyea, Senior...

How cute is this girl?
She is such a doll and had so many fun props!
I love when seniors bring little pieces of them.

Ciera Edits-20

Senior 2  Ciera Edits-8   
Ciera Edits-9
Ciera Edits-18
Ciera Edits-21
Ciera Edits-22
Ciera Edits-23
Ciera Edits-25
Ciera Edits-26
Ciera Edits-27
Ciera Edits-28
Ciera Edits-30
Ciera Edits-34  Ciera Edits-33
Ciera Edits-35  Ciera Edits-42
Ciera Edits-43

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