Friday, April 13, 2012

February Favorites...

A little catch up

Jen and Edwin Wedding
Seriously, their story should be in a book somewhere at some point.
Edwin left everyone, and everything he ever knew to come to America to be with this lovely lady (who just so happens to be one of my dear friends)...
True Love right?!!
Their wedding couldn't have been on a better February afternoon.

Jen and Edwin Edits-23
Jen and Edwin Edits-25  Jen and Edwin Edits-26
Jen and Edwin Edits-28
Jen and Edwin Edits-22
Jen and Edwin Edits-16
Jen and Edwin Edits-18
Jen and Edwin Edits-9
Jen and Edwin Edits-7
Jen and Edwin Edits-3 
Jen and Edwin Edits-2
Jen and Edwin Edits-29
Jen and Edwin Edits-30  Jen and Edwin Edits-32
Jen and Edwin Edits-41

Remember Baby Adrienne?
I photographed her newborns exactly a year ago.
Always so fun to see them a year later.
Such a cutie

Adrienne Edits-2
Adrienne One Year-31  Adrienne One Year-68
 Adrienne Edits-5

Another miracle story...
These precious babies.
They were born at 23 weeks!! And look at them now...
They are so perfect and adorable. I could cuddle them all day long.
Such an awesome family! Love the winegars.

Cade and Tiff Edits-18
Cade and Tiff Edits-19
Cade and Tiff Edits-23  Cade and Tiff Edits-24

Cade and Tiff Edits-17
Cade and Tiff Edits-11 Cade and Tiff Edits-13

Cade and Tiff Edits-6  Cade and Tiff Edits-8
Cade and Tiff Edits-3
Cade and Tiff Edits-2

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  1. Okay.. cutest babies ever! I saw a picture of them when they were first born so this is fun to see them now... one of my top favorite family pictures you have done!!

  2. oh & jenny & edwins wedding pictures are gorgeous hello! what a sweet sweet story too.. i would love to hear it all.. hint hint jenny. :) p.s my favorite one is them kissing by the tree!

  3. phewee! looks like you're catching up! i know that feels good! and LOOKS GOOD, too! :)