Thursday, June 7, 2012

Palmer Family

Oh how I love this girl and her cute family.
She is hands down one of my favorite people alive.
Here is a little preview for you Jessers.

Palmer Edits-3
Palmer Edits-15
Palmer Edits
Palmer Edits-4
Palmer Edits-5  Palmer Edits-6  Palmer Edits-7
Palmer Edits-8
Palmer Edits-11  Palmer Edits-10
Palmer Edits-19
Palmer Edits-18  Palmer Edits-17
Palmer Edits-23
Palmer Edits-24  Palmer Edits-25
Palmer Edits-26
Palmer Edits-22
Palmer Edits-21  Palmer Edits-20
Palmer Edits-27

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  1. love love looooove!! And Amanda you are by far one of my most favorite people alive too!! Thank you so much!! love you!!!

  2. LOVE! You guys are both my favorite people alive!

  3. You all are so adorable! What cuties! I love you guys! Amanda, you are so talented!