Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ella Mae...

Sorry for the lack of blogging over here.
But I think she's a pretty good excuse.
This is our little babe. 

Born on July 6th
7 lb 14 oz
21 3/4 long


I'll be back at it August.

Green Romper and Beautiful White Head Band From
Like it?
They carry more!
Can't wait to share more fun accessories from this shop...

Ella Photo Shoot 1

Ella Photo Shoot 1-2
Ella Photo Shoot 1-9

Ella Photo Shoot 1-8

Ella Photo Shoot 1-7

Ella Photo Shoot 1-5  Ella Photo Shoot 1-3

Diptic feet

Ella Photo Shoot 1-4

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  1. I love these so so much!!!! She is just gorgeous!! Xoxo

  2. she is so beautiful mand- i dont know why i'm even slightly breath-taken from these- because you two are beautiful, too :) i love her little face!!

  3. So beautiful. They grow up so fast. You will loving having all these pictures. I can see you in her and I can hardly ever see who a baby looks like. I totally see you in her though...especially the one with her eyes open. Congrats again. I am so happy for you guys! I love you girl.

  4. She is beautiful Manda! I am so happy for you guys and this exciting time. I just love babies. Congratulations!

  5. I just adore these photos so much! xoxo