Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Event Photography...{And some party plannin}

So I love to throw parties...and photograph them.
But I'm probably better at the photography part.
SO it's always nice to have a little help from time to time from someone who REALLY knows how to throw a party. 
And...make custom invites and decor...ya know...the good stuff.

The first is baby "ella" phant shower

Custom invites, posters, banners done by
Check her site out here

Castleberry Shower-18
Castleberry Shower-4
Castleberry Shower-2
Castleberry Shower-8
Castleberry Shower-9  Castleberry Shower-7
Castleberry Shower-6  Castleberry Shower-5
Castleberry Shower  Castleberry Shower-23
Castleberry Shower-17  Castleberry Shower-14

And here is another one done by Kelli Jo Castleberry

For Baby Finn

Invite photo
Elise Shower-41
Invite photo-3  Invite photo-2
Elise Shower-6  Elise Shower-46
Elise Shower-2  Elise Shower-7
Elise Shower-12  Elise Shower-10
Elise Shower-17  Elise Shower-29
Elise Shower-21  Elise Shower-23
Elise Shower-19  Elise Shower-36
Elise Shower-48  Elise Shower-49
Elise Shower-55  Elise Shower-54

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