Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Welling Family, Bountiful Utah

These people.
Are my people.

And I'm proud to say so.

Wellings Favorites-3
Wellings Favorites-6
Wellings Favorites-5

Wellings Favorites-8
Wellings Favorites-9
Wellings Favorites-2
Wellings Favorites-13
Wellings Favorites-28
Wellings Favorites-23

Wellings Favorites-18
Wellings Favorites-25
Wellings Favorites-16

Wellings Favorites-22  Wellings Favorites-17  Wellings Favorites-27  Wellings Favorites-24
Wellings Favorites-20  Wellings Favorites-37
Wellings Favorites-15  Wellings Favorites-29
Wellings Favorites-33  Wellings Favorites-32
Wellings Favorites-31  Wellings Favorites-30

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