Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dart Family, Midway, Utah

Utah post number 1
So excited to post the Utah sessions
It was gorgeous and perfect timing right before the snow?!!

This family was the cutest
I think one of the best parts about photography is 
never meeting a client beforehand and walking away as friends.
I have the best clients.

Lara Dart Favorites-8
Lara Dart Favorites-9
Lara Dart Favorites-3
Lara Dart Favorites-6  Lara Dart Favorites-7
Lara Dart Favorites-2
Lara Dart Favorites-13  Lara Dart Favorites-11
Lara Dart Favorites-12
Lara Dart Favorites-14
Lara Dart Favorites-18
Lara Dart Favorites-17  Lara Dart Favorites-16  Lara Dart Favorites-15
Lara Dart Favorites-23  Lara Dart Favorites-20
Lara Dart Favorites-22
Lara Dart Favorites-24
Lara Dart Favorites-26  Lara Dart Favorites-27
 Lara Dart Favorites-30 Lara Dart Favorites-35 Lara Dart Favorites-31
Lara Dart Favorites-19

Until next time

Thank you Dart Family
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