Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's that time of year...

Things have been busy!
Christmas card photo shoots are in FULL swing over here.
I'll be playing catch up for the next few weeks and posting some weddings, family photo shoots, and everything in between since... august {!!}
Can't wait.

For now...
a more recent photo shoot with some of my favorite people arround

The Murrays

Murray Favorites-18
Murray Favorites-16
Murray Favorites-15
Murray Favorites-4
Murray Favorites-3
Murray Favorites-6  Murray Favorites-7
Murray Favorites-8  Murray Favorites-9
Murray Favorites-10
Murray Favorites-26  Murray Favorites-25  Murray Favorites-24
Murray Favorites-20  Murray Favorites-19
Murray Favorites-21
Murray Favorites-28  Murray Favorites-27
Murray Favorites-29  Murray Favorites-30
Murray Favorites-33  Murray Favorites-32  Murray Favorites-31
Murray Favorites-34
Murray Favorites-12
Murray Favorites-35  Murray Favorites-37
bw  bw-2
Murray Favorites-2  bw-6
Murray Favorites-40  bw-4-2
Murray Favorites-39

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  1. these look great! love that cave!

  2. What beautiful lady my cousin is! and such a cute little family!