Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Here we go...

Let the holiday posting begin!

What a better way to start then with my favorite people ever!!
You know them. 
I think this is the 4th year now I've taken their christmas card photo!
It's fun to see them year to year...
Best family ever

John and KJ Favorites-4
John and KJ Favorites-3  John and KJ Favorites-2
John and KJ Favorites-7  John and KJ Favorites-8
John and KJ Favorites-10  John and KJ Favorites-12
John and KJ Favorites-15
John and KJ Favorites-16
John and KJ Favorites-19  John and KJ Favorites-17
John and KJ Favorites-21  John and KJ Favorites-22
John and KJ Favorites-26
John and KJ Favorites-28
John and KJ Favorites-30  John and KJ Favorites-33
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