Friday, May 31, 2013

Tiny Babe...

I love little newborns.
So tiny and sweet.

I love, and have a new respect for mothers of these tiny newborns as well.
And Dads too.
So I've noticed my photo shoots with these tiny babes has slowly started turning into more of a lifestyle vibe rather that the full blown prop stlye. Which I am loving. A little mix of both. 
Just wishing I could snap back to when my little girl was born almost a year ago and have some photos of our little family just days after welcoming her into our family.
It's such a special time.

Clara Newborn Favorites-31Clara Newborn Favorites-35
Clara Newborn Favorites  Clara Newborn Favorites-33
Clara Newborn Favorites-7  Clara Newborn Favorites-11
Clara Newborn Favorites-25  Clara Newborn Favorites-27
Clara Newborn Favorites-22
Clara Newborn Favorites-6

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