Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jensen Family, Encinitas, California...

Such a great family.
Honestly, they do not come better.

Jensen Family Favorites-38
Jensen Family Favorites-52
Jensen Family Favorites-48
Jensen Family Favorites-43
Jensen Family Favorites-41
Jensen Family Favorites-15
Jensen Family Favorites-25  Jensen Family Favorites-30
Jensen Family Favorites-19  Jensen Family Favorites-5  Jensen Family Favorites-33
Jensen Family Favorites-37  Jensen Family Favorites-35  Jensen Family Favorites-8
Jensen Family Favorites-7  Jensen Family Favorites-11  Jensen Family Favorites-36
Jensen Family Favorites-31  Jensen Family Favorites-6  Jensen Family Favorites-9
   Jensen Family Favorites-56

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1 comment:

  1. You are the greatest! You are such a talented photographer and we are grateful it worked out to have you take our pictures. We had such a great time shooting with you. We all adored you and your little family! I hope we can make this a tradition to vacation in Cali and have you take an annual family picture. :)