Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Welcoming Peter Rabbit...

This is little James Higbee.
Also known as "peter rabbit"

Such a special thing I get to do.
Being able to be a part of these moments when these fresh little babes arrive is precious.

Missy Higbee Favorites-2
Missy Higbee Favorites-3  Missy Higbee Favorites-5
Missy Higbee Favorites-9
Missy Higbee Favorites-11  Missy Higbee Favorites-12
Missy Higbee Favorites-13  Missy Higbee Favorites-14
Missy Higbee Favorites-15  Missy Higbee Favorites-16  Missy Higbee Favorites-17
Missy Higbee Favorites-19
Missy Higbee Favorites-22
Missy Higbee Favorites-23 Missy Higbee Favorites-25
Missy Higbee Favorites-31
Missy Higbee Favorites-36  Missy Higbee Favorites-35
Missy Higbee Favorites-38
Missy Higbee Favorites-37  Missy Higbee Favorites-40
Missy Higbee Favorites-42  Missy Higbee Favorites-41
Missy Higbee Favorites-45  Missy Higbee Favorites-43
 Missy Higbee Favorites-46  Missy Higbee Favorites-47

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Amanda, what lens did you use to photograph the infant in the last few posted photos? Lovely work!