Monday, October 7, 2013

Nick and Claire, Groomals...

Oh here they are again. The sweetest couple on the planet. 
Every photo I post I hear myself saying..."they are soooo cuuuute".
I bet you are going to do the same thing. (wink)

Claire Favorites-26-2

Claire Favorites-29
Claire Favorites-26  Claire Favorites-25
Claire Favorites-23-2  Claire Favorites-20-2
Claire Favorites-24-2
Claire Favorites-15  Claire Favorites-13
Claire Favorites-10
Claire Favorites-9  Claire Favorites-8
Claire Favorites-7
Claire Favorites-19
Claire Favorites-18  Claire Favorites-17
Claire Favorites-11-2  Claire Favorites-21
Claire Favorites-12-2  Claire Favorites-13-2
Claire Favorites-23  Claire Favorites-22
Claire Favorites-4
Claire Favorites-5  Claire Favorites-9-2

Claire Favorites-27
The bridal reveal.
Because these are always fun no??

Claire Favorites-2-2  Claire Favorites-3-2  Claire Favorites-4-2
Claire Favorites-5-2
Claire Favorites-6-2
Claire Favorites-7-2
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