Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gutierez Family...

It's a BLOG POST!!!
I have so much to blog you guys.
But summer is crazy with weddings and fall is christmas cards. 
But now that things are settling a bit I am going to get to it!

Wanted to start with one of my more recent shoots actually.
The Gutierez family. Because how much do I love these people!!

Gutierez Favorites-16
Gutierez Favorites-10  Gutierez Favorites-19
Gutierez Favorites-42  Gutierez Favorites-44
Gutierez Favorites-4
Gutierez Favorites-6
Gutierez Favorites-48
Gutierez Favorites-56  Gutierez Favorites-57  Gutierez Favorites-54
Gutierez Favorites  Gutierez Favorites-47
Gutierez Favorites-39  Gutierez Favorites-37
Gutierez Favorites-35  Gutierez Favorites-30
Gutierez Favorites-27  Gutierez Favorites-2
Gutierez Favorites-53  Gutierez Favorites-51  Gutierez Favorites-50
Gutierez Favorites-24
Gutierez Favorites-29
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