Thursday, December 12, 2013

Trip through time...

with so many different social media platforms these days i don't have a clue where I should focus my time and energy on posting things. So sometimes the posts don't happen at all. Which is a shame because in the back of my head I wish that I could post I sincerely care about every photo shoot. I want everyone to love their photos. And to be remembered.  So I've decided to take a little trip through time. And try and catch up with some photo shoots over the past year or (two!!) 
Things get so busy. But let's be better at blogging shall we?!

The first of the mini posts...
My dear friends...the varleys. With baby london. The sweetest thing. 

London Favorites-16
London Favorites-20
London Favorites-5
London Favorites-22
London Favorites-32  London Favorites
London Favorites-24
London Favorites-26  London Favorites-25

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