Friday, January 24, 2014

Krisen and Andrew, Groomals...

These two motivate me...big time.
I've been able to photograph them a couple times now and every time I walk away thinkin, what can I do now?? Something BIG. Tashjian style. Like go help rescue a kidnapped boy in Haiti or maybe play for the soccer team at Chapman? Work for billion dollar hedge funds and manage their accounts? Make my own boquet in two seconds? Model? AHH. Yep...they do that. All of it. 
 And they are just so kind and humble about it all. Such a pleasure to get to know them. 

Tashjian Favorites-10
Tashjian Favorites-11  Tashjian Favorites-9
Tashjian Favorites-15
Tashjian Favorites-37  Tashjian Favorites-2
Tashjian Favorites-21  Tashjian Favorites-20
Tashjian Favorites-23  Tashjian Favorites-24
Tashjian Favorites-19
Tashjian Favorites-30
Tashjian Favorites-28
Tashjian Favorites-31  Tashjian Favorites-32
Tashjian Favorites-26
Tashjian Favorites-33  Tashjian Favorites-29
Tashjian Favorites-35

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