Friday, March 28, 2014

Neff Family...

Where do I start with this family?!?
I was first introduced to them when I was able to photograph their wedding a little over two years ago now! Two years! I immedietly fell in love with them like I usually do when I am able to photograph someones wedding. Being a part of someones wedding is pretty invasive. I really try and take the time to make it natural and comfortable and in the end I always end up getting super attached to my clients. Like...heyyyy wanna be best friends...kind of thing!

these guys were no different. 
They moved away, bought a house, had a baby, and here we are again...This time things a bit more windy (or a lot! tornado status), and chilly (guys we can still get great shots when the elements are not cooperating!)

It is so fun to see families evolve, to grow, to become. 
It's something so exciting to me and pretty beautiful to capture these huge moments through my lens.

So thank you Neff family. For letting us be a part of your 'moment' again. And in return, being a part of ours. 

Neff Family Favorites-3
Neff Family Favorites-5  Neff Family Favorites-7
Neff Family Favorites-8
Neff Family Favorites-16
Neff Family Favorites-15
Neff Family Favorites-12
Neff Family Favorites-17
   Neff Family Favorites-21
Neff Family Favorites-25
Neff Family Favorites-27
Neff Family Favorites-28
Neff Family Favorites-34
Neff Family Favorites-38  Neff Family Favorites-40
Neff Family Favorites-41
Neff Family Favorites-46
Neff Family Favorites-44
Neff Family Favorites-45

And who has seen these guys before on pinterest? The notebook pose photo? Really I'm curious! These two have been circulating for a couple years now and it's kind of fun! xox

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