Thursday, April 17, 2014

Higbee Family, Lifestyle Photography...

Lifestyle is one of my absolute favorite things to photograph.
Just something about being able to photograph in someones home is unique and special.
It's so raw and real. And being able to capture families in their day to day element is my favorite thing ever. The beautiful...Higbee Family.

Higbee Family-8
Higbee Family-9  Higbee Family-28
Higbee Family-27
Higbee Family-32
Higbee Family-18
Higbee Family-105  Higbee Family-36
Higbee Family-102
Higbee Family-82  Higbee Family-92
Higbee Family-91
Higbee Family-95  Higbee Family-97
Higbee Family-99
Higbee Family-83  Higbee Family-84  Higbee Family-85
Higbee Family-58
Higbee Family-60
Higbee Family-64
Higbee Family-65
Higbee Family-73
Higbee Family-71  Higbee Family-70
Higbee Family-75
Higbee Family-77

Higbee Family-48  Higbee Family-50

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