Friday, April 4, 2014

Murray Family, San Juan Capistrano...

So maybe I adore this family as well...
That's the beauty of being able to photograph families really...
you come to love all of them. 
Each family is so different and unique. Just like any wedding, or birth.
It's amazing how that happens. And that's what keeps me on my toes. I'm never sure what I'm really in for but it's YOU that makes it so great.

The best part about it is the love I honestly feel between all of these families. In any form, shape, or size. It's there. If you care enough to document your family forever regardless of how you may be feeling at the time (my hair is weird, maybe I could loose a pound or two here or there, etc, etc...we all feel that way right?!) It shows that family is important to you. I love that. 

So the Murray's!
Another great, great, family.
Truly guys....
One of the best. 

Murray Family Favorites
Murray Family Favorites-11  Murray Family Favorites-9
Murray Family Favorites-12
Murray Family Favorites-16
Murray Family Favorites-14  Murray Family Favorites-18
Murray Family Favorites-24  Murray Family Favorites-21
Murray Family Favorites-23  Murray Family Favorites-20  Murray Family Favorites-22
Murray Family Favorites-8
Murray Family Favorites-26  Murray Family Favorites-25
Murray Family Favorites-29  Murray Family Favorites-27  Murray Family Favorites-28
Murray Family Favorites-38  Murray Family Favorites-36
Murray Family Favorites-37  Murray Family Favorites-35
Murray Family Favorites-34  Murray Family Favorites-32  Murray Family Favorites-33

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