Monday, May 12, 2014

Christon and Tanner, La Jolla, Bridals...

So we decided to drive down to La Jolla for a nice bridal session on the busiest / hottest day of the year it turns out! It took twice as long to get to the location and everything seemed to be jammed in every direction. But just like every other session. It always ends up working out. Always. In fact...the more you photograph the more you come to realize that being a 'wedding coordinater' and director is half of the photography game. Because of our lack of time we made up for it the next day with new locations. Which in the end...worked out a million times better, with twice as many shots. Moral of the story. I got you covered! Wind, Rain, Snow, Traffic, Freeway Closures....I got you.

It was a pleasure meeting you Christon and Tanner.
Can't wait to post your lovely wedding.
It was a stunner.

Christon Bridal Favorites
Christon Bridal Favorites-5
Christon Bridal Favorites-3
Christon Bridal Favorites-9  Christon Bridal Favorites-7
Christon Bridal Favorites-14
Christon Bridal Favorites-18
Christon Bridal Favorites-20
Christon Bridal Favorites-23
Christon Bridal Favorites-26
Christon Bridal Favorites-30

Christon Bridal Favorites-33
Christon Bridal Favorites-35
Christon Bridal Favorites-37
Christon Bridal Favorites-40  Christon Bridal Favorites-38

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