Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kalan and Mikey, Groomals, Philadelphia...

It doesn't get much better than having your bridals done at VALLEY FORGE. 
GORGEOUS!! I lost it when we pulled up and started winding all around the green rolling hills and wide open space. Photographers dream right here. 
And the history!

 This couple could not get enough of one another. They really love eachother and I think that's pretty obvious in these photos. 
Something else I absolutely adored about this couple was there confidence.
Easily two of the most confident humans on the planet. 
I had so much fun photographing them just because it was so real and easy. 
So many sincere candid moments. Just happening. 
I just had to snap away and let them do all the work.
Perfect you guys!
Just getting warmed up with some bridals.
Next...the wedding!

**second to last photo was actually the brides mothers dress.!!.

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