Sunday, August 17, 2014

9 months...

My husband woke up today and suggested we take some photos of my little boy and I. I thought it was really sweet of him for mentioning it. Normally...he isn't super excited when things are about to involve any type of photo session (hashtag...photographer problems). BUT honestly.....I feel more comfortable behind the lens too! I get it :) But I believe in photos (hopefully right?!?). And documenting. They are my most valuable treasures. So I found a shirt that still fit this belly of mine and we headed down to the beach. We had fun. And I'm glad he mentioned it. Because being a mom is what matters most to me. 

 Having the oppurtunity to house these babies and share a little space for awhile is a pretty beautiful thing. So thanks Ben. These mean a lot to me... in all my rounded glory.

And Ella of course wanted to photo bomb 90% of all the photos (we still got some:)). But I kind of loved it. Because she was the one that made me 'mom'.
 The rocks by us... she brought those to me. Because at 2 rocks are awesome.

AND some photos of just Ella... being her amazing little self...with a stick in hand! Always!

Can't wait to meet you little one.
t-5 days.

Maternity 9 months
Maternity 9 months-8
Maternity 9 months-4
Maternity 9 months-24  Maternity 9 months-6
Maternity 9 months-18

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Maternity 9 months-11
Maternity 9 months-20  Maternity 9 months-22
Maternity 9 months-2

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Maternity 9 months-29
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Maternity 9 months-32
Maternity 9 months-27 Maternity 9 months-30
Maternity 9 months-37
Maternity 9 months-38

Thanks you two.
Soon to be three!
Love you lots
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  1. Gosh I love this! And you and ben and your bump. And ella and her rocks. And that you just sat right down in the sand, black skirt and all.

  2. I can't believe it!!! These are adorable and i can't believe baby boy is almost here!!! Love you guys!!

  3. Gosh I just love you guys! Such beautiful photos.

  4. wow, ben is quite the photographer! gorgeous