Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dworshak Family...

Going to take a little break from wedding posts to talk about some of these families I've been able to photograph this summer. 

I'll start with the Dworshak family.
Their little boy colton, came down with Evans Syndrome, a very rare and serious autoimmune disorder. He has been in and out of the hospital for a year now. They have really been through it, yet are still so happy, kind, and full of life. I kept mentioning how insane it really was to me. Just how well they endured and continue to endure such an intense thing.
 In the midst of a typical toddler/baby photos shoot...always pure chaos right :). They never stopped smiling, playing, and making the most of it. Which is probably exactly what they have been doing this year. I saw it. The way they handle chaotic and trying times. 
I am SO impressed at peoples strength.
And this family is definetly one of the strongest. 
Way to be little Colton! You're so brave. 

I'm constantly learning from my clients. Reason number 432 why i love photography.

Janica Family Favorites-5
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Janica Family Favorites-21  Janica Family Favorites-20
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