Monday, September 22, 2014

Lake Family...

Guys! College is good for something!
Like meeting awesome people like Mal.
Mallory was my freshman roomate.
Bless her! 

I loved that her family came with no plan, other than "don't look dumb". 
And this is what we got! I loved the randomness of the outfits.
One of my favorites to be honest.

It was a pleasure Lake family!!

And how perfect were those birds that decided to photo bomb?!  

Lake Family Best-2
Lake Family-11
Lake Family-13  Lake Family-15
Lake Family-21
Lake Family-25  Lake Family-32
Lake Family-34  Lake Family-33
Lake Family Best-4
Lake Family-44  Lake Family-47
Lake Family-99
Lake Family Best-6
Lake Family-109
Lake Family-105  Lake Family-114
Lake Family-119
Lake Family-121  Lake Family-120
Lake Family-112
Lake Family-123
Lake Family-124
Lake Family-125
Lake Family-135
Lake Family-141  Lake Family-144
Lake Family-138
Lake Family-132
Lake Family-131
Lake Family-159
Lake Family-162  Lake Family-164
Lake Family-160
Lake Family-147  Lake Family-152

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