Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stevens Family...

Yes this baby is for REAL.
I get the privelage of looking at her every sunday and I'm 99% sure I comment on how beautiful she is every single week.
But look at those little cheeks with those big round eyes!

Stevens Family-18
Stevens Family-22  Stevens Family-24
Stevens Family-27
Stevens Family-34  Stevens Family-35
Stevens Family-41
Stevens Family-45  Stevens Family-44
Stevens Family-77
Stevens Family-85
Stevens Family-49
Stevens Family-66
Stevens Family-79
Stevens Family-99  Stevens Family-97  Stevens Family-100
Stevens Family-92
Stevens Family-87
Stevens Family-47
Stevens Family-59
Stevens Family-52
Stevens Family-17
Stevens Family-84
Stevens Family-31
Stevens Family-9  Stevens Family-8
Stevens Family-78  Stevens Family-77
Stevens Family-12

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