Thursday, October 9, 2014

King Family, Laguna Beach...

I love switching it up when I photograph.
Always try and keep it fresh. 
It's important for me to stay inspired as an artist. 
So I love when clients feel comfortable enough to just go with the flow, trust the process, but yet... still be a part of it. 

 Photographing a family, a wedding, etc etc is team work. 
I prompt. But the family definetely has an influence on the direction the photo shoot goes.

Takes the Kings for example.
I loved that they started wrestling in the sand! 
...maybe with a slight prompt (wink). But it worked. 
I haven't photographed that before. Ever.
Why not? I don't know. 
But they were comfortable enough to go with it.
I guess what I'm trying to say is...Have fun
Be you.

King Family-8
King Family-22

King Family-26  King Family-30
King Family-33
King Family-36
King Family-41  King Family-39 
King Family-25
King Family-49
King Family-51
King Family-52
King Family-55  King Family-56  King Family-57
King Family-59
King Family-62
King Family-67  King Family-60
King Family-66
King Family-65
King Family-69  King Family-72
King Family-73
King Family-74
King Family-79
King Family-83
King Family-78
King Family-81
King Family-86
King Family-94
King Family-96  King Family-97
King Family-101
King Family-107
King Family-108
King Family-110
King Family-112
King Family-114  King Family-115
King Family-117

They kill me.

If you ever want to see more of the set just click on any of these images and it will take you to my flickr account. Posting all of them (aka picking my favorites) is impossible. I usually love them all. 
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